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Technical Support

RT and Embedded SW and FW developing

  • API Architecture developing

  • C/Assembly solutions for overall product efficiency

  • Low-level drivers and BSP developing

  • Modern RISC and DSP platforms covered

SW and FW solutions optimizing

  • GP CPU SIMD (ARM NEON, MIPS MSA) vectorized optimizations using compiler, intrinsic functions and deep Assembly-level optimization

  • MCU FW and SW optimization using compiler, intrinsic functions and deep Assembly-level optimization

  • Assembly-level optimization of DSP solutions

Problem root cause analysis

Solutions efficiency analysis and improvment

Support of multiple vendors

Technology Training

Courses for engineers and managers

System Architecture

  • Bus standards, multi-layer bus architecture

  • HW/SW partitioning

  • Embedded SW development - tools and optimization approaches

DSP architecture and code optimization.

  • Fixed point and Floating point computation

  • Superscalar (VLIW) and multi-issue parallel architecture

  • Vectored (SIMD) architecture

  • Multithreading (SIMT) architecture (GPU)

ARM and ARM-based application processors

  • ARMv7/v8 Architecture

    • Cortex A/R/M architecture, programming, and SW optimization

    • NXP Kinetis Family

    • STMicroelectronics STM32 Family


New SOC/ASIC Development assistance

  • MRD and PRD analysis

  • SOC/ASIC architecture specifications

  • Homogeneous and Heterogeneous multiporcessor architecture

  • HW/SW system partitioning

  • Multibus interconnect layout and optimal system arbitration

  • Bandwidth estimation and performance optimization

New CPU and Data Processing engines architecture design

  • Pipelined engines

  • Programmable and hardwired processing units

  • ISA definition

  • DSP, RISC, Vectorized, Cluster, GPU architectures